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    and warranty.

    Future beneficiaries


    By mid 2023 we will announce the third beneficiary of our Soy Luciérnaga program. These are the conditions to apply for the next round:

    • It must be a public school with more than 40 students.
    • School must be on an available (open) electric circuit, until the new Distributed Generation Law comes into force.
    • The beneficiary has few economic resources to meet the monthly electricity consumption bill.
    • The form must be submitted by a member of the board of directors or site administrator.
    • School must have active environmental and social programs.
    • The school must commit to receive corporate volunteering from greenenergy®.
    • Every 18-24 months the school must apply for and cover the cost of maintenance of the installed PV system. This can be paid for with part of the savings generated by the system.


    We relate to 6 of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals, released by the UN during 2015. We work to create positive environmental and social impact to ensure prosperity to all people.