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    Since 2009, we have installed more than +12 MWp, which positions us as one of the main solar energy companies in distributed generation in the region. We also provide financial solutions, storage technologies and a trajectory proven by our partners.

    A business that has a positive impact

    +900 allies
    since 2009

    +15 MWp
    installed power

    installed panels

    60% average savings
    in commerce and industry

    650 tons of
    CO2 mitigated per year

    100% guarantee
    direct from manufacturer


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    Large-scale profit

    Our commitment is to generate energy independence

    One of the largest solar panel installations in Costa Rica, 38 systems running, simultaneously.

    • 9907


    • 40%


    • 185

      Tons of CO2 mitigated

    • 2.49 MWp


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      • "We have the goal of being carbon neutral by 2020 and that is why we made an alliance with greenenergy and Banco Promérica for the development of the solar energy project. We installed 9,707 panels that mean the saving of 185.2 tons of CO2 annually. In this way we sustain the growth of the company in harmony with the environment "

        Grupo Acón

      • "Before installing the solar systems we paid between 900,000 and 1 million colones per month. Now we pay 45,000 colones per month"

        Erick Ostaszynski - Import Manager, Watersonn

      • "We wanted to invest in new technologies that would allow us to improve our environmental footprint and at the same time enter the energy sector. We chose greenenergy® because at that time it was perhaps the most consolidated company in the sector and we bet on them. We have recommended other companies to install photovoltaic systems with greenenergy®, however I would like the technology to improve so that the value chain of photovoltaic solar systems has less and less environmental impact "

        Enrique Carvajal - Vicepresident, Santa Anita Estate Coffee

      • "The high price and consumption of electricity that we had in Villa Serena led us to install a photovoltaic solar system. We chose greenenergy because it was the company that offered us the best proposal for the change we expected, as well as being one of the pioneers in terms of to clean energies. The experience has been wonderful since the expectations of economic savings and electricity consumption have been met. I would recommend any company or home to make the same decision"

        Juan Fernández - Owner, Villa Serena

      • I had a great experience working with the team at greenergy. I installed solar on my villa in Guanacaste. The communication was great. They kept me up to date the whole process. They provided me projections for the results and I am happy to say my actual results are exceeding there projections. I have had a couple minor issues since the install which they have been very responsive to getting corrected. In under 4 years it will have paid for itself and I will be getting free electricity! I highly recommend them!

        Dan Wilson - Homeowner

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        Frequently Asked Questions

        • How do I know if my home or business can opt for photovoltaic solar energy?

          Any home or company that pays more than 90,000 colones a month in electricity is a candidate to implement a renewable energy project. The first 300kWh in Costa Rica are subsidized by the government, which is why it is considered low-cost energy. Once a home or business begins to consume more than these 300kWh, it will begin to pay a higher cost per unit and it is precisely the consumption that we want to cover with the photovoltaic generation system, since the cost per kWh of the photovoltaic system is much more low and thus we take advantage of the benefits of good energy coverage.

        • How does solar panel leasing work?

          There are several financing strategies that are chosen depending on the type of project to be carried out, for example, at greenenergy we have:

          • Financing through green credits
          • Systems leasing
          • Micro-networks as a Service

          It is important to remember that the financial engineering of a project is done taking into account the free flows of the project in order to cover a financial resource, so the idea is that savings always pay the bank fee and expenses associated with the operation of a product financial. Therefore, depending on these flows, it is where we manage to find the best financing tool. Remember that if you participate in the investments, by contributing a premium, you can capture better savings.

        • How much does it cost to install a photovoltaic solar system?

          The cost of each photovoltaic project is highly variable. A very similar analogy is how much does it cost to buy a vehicle in Costa Rica? There are conventional photovoltaic projects, photovoltaic projects with storage, micro-grids, among other types of systems. You need to get good advice to meet your specific need. The consumer must be very careful with low prices, since today there are many ways to lower costs that directly impact the quality of the facilities. Always try to buy new, premium equipment with endorsement brands, factory warranties, and newly manufactured equipment. Do not forget to demand that they give you the serial numbers of the equipment, manuals and direct channel of technical service.


          greenenergy® – Solar panels and energy storage in Costa Rica

        • Why should you choose greenenergy® to install a solar panel system?

          At greenenergy® we are committed to the quality of the facilities and the service we provide to customers. Like all of our calculation memories, they are backed by our Power Generation Guarantee. We see this guarantee as a tool for all our clients that our technical-financial models are viable and bankable, proven with our more than 12 years of experience. greenenergy® is focused on providing the best value to our clients, not necessarily the largest project, but the one suitable for the reality of each case. Likewise, we are committed to the quality of our facilities and our business quality. We are an internationally certified B Corporation, which means that we comply with the highest verification standards, guaranteeing that we are a company that not only works for economic results, but also positive social and environmental results, to be the best company for the Planet. .

        • How can I buy a solar panel system for my home or business?

          If you are interested in implementing a system, you can contact us at info@greenenergy.cr and include the most recent electricity bill from the site, or , complete the form to quote .


          greenenergy® – Solar panels and energy storage in Costa Rica