We exist to connect people with clean energy and empower them to be free.

What do customers say about us?

  • “We aim to become a carbon neutral company by 2020 and that’s why we partnered with greenenergy® and Promerica Bank to develop the solar energy project. We installed 9.707 solar panels which save 185.2 tons of CO2 annually. This way, we sustain the company’s growth in harmony with the environment”.

    Arnoldo Batres, Grupo Acón

  • “greenenergy® has been a great commercial partner for Vindi because it has made us become more energy efficient and this way contribute to the environment”.

    Juan Carlos Pacheco, Auto Mercado

  • “We were seeking for a supplier that was consistent between what it offers and what it does, that was long term engaged, that had values similar to ours (transparency and environmentally conscious) and that had a competitive economic value added”.

    Carlos Wong, Coyol Free Zone

  • “We called several companies and greenenergy® was the only one that believed in us…Besides the economic savings, we are contributing to the environment, we are not polluting because there is no smoke, sound, or any other type of pollution. Everything is in harmony with nature”.

    Abelardo Guillén, agricultural producer

  • “Before we installed the solar system, we payed between 900,000 – 1 million colones per month in our electricity receipt. Now we pay 45,000 colones monthly”.

    Erick Ostasztnski, Imports Manager at Watersonn

  • “We wanted to invest in new technologies that allowed us to improve our environmental footprint and at the same time dabble in the energy sector. We chose greenenergy® because perhaps by that time it was the most consolidated company in the industry and we bet for them. We have recommended other companies to install photovoltaic systems with greenenergy®, however, I would like for technologies to improve so that the value chain of the photovoltaic solar systems has a lower environmental impact”

    Enrique Carvajal, VP of Santa Anita Coffee State.

Solar energy evolves with us

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