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How do photovoltaics solar systems work?

how do solar panels work

The photovoltaic solar energy is the direct transformation of the solar radiation into electricity. This transformation happens in devices called photovoltaic modules also known as solar panels. In the solar panels, the solar radiations trigger the electrons of a semi conducting material, generating a small difference of potential (solar cells). The serial connection of these solar cells allows to obtain greater potential differences that result in energy.

The direct current obtained through the solar panels is converted and managed by the inverters, devices that convert it into alternate current with the same characteristics of the energy that we normally consume through the general distribution network. This way we can use it in our operations.

One of the main virtues of the photovoltaic technology is its modular aspect, which allows to build enormous photovoltaic plants as well as small solutions installed in roofs.

Written by: Abdenago Guzmán, Engineering Director at greenenergy®