7 Eco friendly actions

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Would you like eco-friendly equipment at home or in your company? Do you want to know how to save money in electricity? In this blog we will share with you 7 eco friendly actions that allow you to save money, and at the same time, have a place with a smaller CO2 footprint.

  1. Efficient and eco-friendly appliances

Each day the market offers appliances that are more efficient and eco-friendly. Today, the appliances that consume more electricé are fridges, freezers, air conditioners, hair straighteners, clothes irons, water heaters, televisions, computers and ovens.  The lifecycle of these appliances is shorter each day too. Therefore, we recommend that if you have to change any of these appliances, choose options with good guarantees and that are energy efficient.

  1. Efficient lighting

Light bulbs can also consume a lot of electricity. This is why we recommend white light bulbs instead of yellow and with LED technology. This technology has a longer life cycle, which results in less waste. They also have an energy saving technology that allows to considerably reduce the cost of the electric bill.

  1. Regulate the water heater

Another way to reduce electricity consumption and save money is by regulating the temperature of the water heater. Ask a professional to help you lower the temperature safely. By reducing it 2-3 degrees Celsius, you will see a difference in your electric bill. It is important to use hot water only when its strictly necessary.

  1. Natural light and ventilation

Another way to save money in your electric bill is by using natural light and ventilation as much as you can. Buildings with a sustainable design are much more energy efficient. These buildings take into consideration the direction in which the sun rises and falls, any shades that are around, cross-ventilation, specific materials to make the house cooler or warmer, etc.

  1. Induction or gas cooktops

Gas cooktops are a good complement to a kitchen. In case of an electric failure, you can still cook in your house. Compared to electric cooktops (and depending on their technology), gas cooktops tend to consume less resources.  On the other hand, even though induction cooktops need electricity, these are even more energy efficient. However, you will need to change pans and pots to match the induction technology.

  1. Clean and energy efficient system

If a site’s energy consumption is higher than $100 USD per month, it becomes a potential candidate to install photovoltaic solar energy. This technology reduces up to 90% of an electric bill in households and, depending on the commerce or industry, it can reduce from 30%-80% the electric bill. Also, by producing its own electricity using clean energy systems, hundreds or even tons of CO2 can be mitigated per year.

  1. Energy storage batteries

Sites with a photovoltaic solar energy can also include storage batteries to their system. In case the grid has electric failures, batteries become the perfect complement in those moments. This technology allows for some parts of the site to have electricity, while the grid has no service. Batteries become a backup to continue operating.

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