Solar panel leasing

Many people want to save costs in their monthly electricity bill. To achieve this, most look for solar panel leasing options that don’t mean a big upfront investment.

At greenenergy® we offer you the opportunity to install your photovoltaic solar energy system through the operating lease based on a financial function figure.

What does this mean and how do I know if my solar project is applicable for the leasing? 

To know if your project is feasible to use this financing option or not, the level of savings generated by the system and your financial situation must be considered.

5 things you should know about the solar panel leasing:

  1. Generally, the leasing is for a 10 year term.
  2. The rates vary and will depend on each project.
  3. The client must give an initial deposit which will depend on each case under study.
  4. The monthly leasing fee covers the insurance and annual maintenance of the equipment.
  5. Your goal is to pay the fee with the savings generated by the photovoltaic system. Therefore, this helps your cash flow. Finally, at the end of the lease term, you own 100% of the system.

greenleasing®: our solar panel leasing option

Our lease model (solar panel leasing) is structured according to the flow projection of each client, allowing the cost of the project to be diluted over time, setting a monthly fee. In addition to the savings generated by our photovoltaic systems over time in electricity billing due to the decrease in consumption, our customers significantly improve their financial indicators.

Benefits of greenleasing®

  • Our leasing model is unique, because it adjusts to the requirements of our customers.
  • The monthly payment for the equipment lease is 100% deductible from the income tax.
  • Grouping services such as maintenance, insurance and asset management.
  • Improves efficiency indicators in the use of your company’s assets and capital.
  • The investment is projected in a cash flow over time, allowing you to make decisions and focus resources on your company’s goals.
  • We have maintenance and guarantee support of greenenergy® which, thanks to its experience and technical knowledge, it assures us a high quality service for the correct functioning of the equipment throughout during the term of the agreement

Other solar panel leasing options: Micro-grids as a Service (Maas)

We also have our Energy as a Service (EaaS) or Micro-grids as a Service (MaaS) financing option. Microgrids-as-a-Service (MaaS) is a new, industry-leading financing model that allows companies to deploy microgrids without any upfront investment, while eliminating financial risks and complexity in the process, helping microgrids to deploy in the country.

In some cases, the upfront cost to purchase a microgrid can exceed your CAPEX budget.  If so, then you might consider our Microgrid-as-a-Service contract. This new, industry-leading financing model helps you to deploy microgrids faster, cheaper, while giving you full ownership over time.

With it, the necessary investments within your operations are made and you agree to an acceptable minimum yield. Generally, this leasing option is used on industrial projects that have high electricity consumption.

A microgrid is an energy generation and distribution system of low tension that uses a generation source, in this case photovoltaic solar modules, storage batteries and a software to manage the generated electricity and deliver it to the consumption site. It can be controlled as a single entity and operate in parallel with the grid or in an intentional isolation mode.

In greenenergy®️ we give a complete service: installing the equipment (solar modules, inverters and batteries), organizing the financial plan, operation and maintenance for each client, with the goal that this is an affordable and turnkey solution.

Benefits of Microgrids as a Service (MaaS)

  • Zero upfront investment*
  • Immediate and healthy return of investment
  • Predictable payments and a hedge against utility bill inflation
  • Immediate savings
  • Avoid remodeling or infrastructure costs
  • Energy security and independence 24/7
  • Increases client’s resilience and sustainability
  • Ownership of equipment over time
  • Off Balance Sheet ownership
  • Reduce energy cost by monetizing tax incentives (for non-profits and governmental organizations)
  • Quick response to consumption changes to guarantee the tension stability and electric frequency

*Credit review is required

Our Microgrid as a Service offer

We have partnered with the leading energy storage equipment manufacturers, microgrid software and control service providers, local and international financial institutions to create the most bankable MaaS offer in Costa Rica today.

With greenenergy®️ as your local development partner, we can give you a full turnkey experience from performance modeling, designing, engineering, and installing the microgrid to operating and maintaining it throughout its useful life.  We are proud to offer our existing and new clients this innovative approach to microgrid finance and ownership today. With this in mind, if you want more details and information on what is a micro-electrical grid, click on this blog.

In this video about greenleasing and MaaS you will see how this financial products can bring you efficiency and freedom at once.

Want to explore more about the solar panel leasing options? Contact us at and we will help you analyze your solar project.