COVID-19 and Solar Energy

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If we start by asking ourselves why is this happening, we could get to different conclusions where we would only be looking at the tip of the iceberg. For example: because “China doesn’t have the necessary sanitary conditions”, because humanity is not used to wash their hands, because we don’t cough or sneeze correctly, because there is too much globalization and we are all connected through an air flight. All of these could be true, but if we ask ourselves why is this happening and analyze it profoundly, we could get to much more challenging and shocking conclusions. This doesn’t mean COVID has no solution, it has, but we have to change the way human beings are living, and that is what is challenging.

It has been too many years and generations of destruction to Planet Earth, of selfishness, of unbalance. Today more than ever we reflect on this and on how much we owe to nature. If we think about it, this virus is part of nature and it came to give us a bigger lesson. It’s like if for the first-time nature itself said “stop” and took the reins of the Planet, just like we’ve done for so many years.

So, why is this happening? One of the big lessons the virus has given us is that it is “compensating” the damage we have done to the Planet. It achieved that compensation by leaving all of us (literally) inside our houses, avoiding this way hundreds of thousands of CO2 emissions. Thousands of kilometers that have not been travelled by cars, air planes or boats. Hundreds of emissions that have been avoided by the “pause” in which many companies are. A virus that came to “damage” people’s lungs, just like we have burned our Planet’s with so many fires and forest burning.

We need to be more solidary, less egocentric and take care of each other. Just like we should be solidary, generous and careful with The Earth. COVID came to balance us.

So, what does all of this has to do with solar energy? By its nature, solar energy is a form of clean energy and a way to compensate the damage humanity has done to the world. It is a resource that allows us to be in solidarity and harmonious with nature, without constantly extracting resources from it. Clean energies are a way of giving the Earth’s lungs a deep breath, being compassionate and ensuring sustainability over time. It is in the middle of a crisis like this one, that those who have chosen clean energies at least have the security that they can keep working and taking advantage of the savings to cut other expenses that they must continue to bear.

Now more than ever, companies must mitigate the environmental impacts they generate and positively compensate them; it is no longer “because I want to”, now it’s “because I must”. COVID-19 came to give us many lessons that we will continue to identify, but for now, we are grateful to be living this experience and to further motivate ourselves to continue working genuinely for a better world.