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Clean energy turned into freedom: our slogan

By the end of 2020, we launched our new slogan, one that defines and lands our essence: clean energy turned into freedom. We are immersed in the clean energy industry because we truly believe that it catapults companies and people’s lives. Not only because of its environmental and economic sustainability benefits, but because it represents a new lifestyle for those who adopt the technology.

To generate the own energy that its consumed gives a feeling of freedom, self-sufficiency and empowerment. To depend less and less from a system that increases electric fees and can present instability in the service it provides, is a feeling of liberation.

Clean energy is a type of energy that does not have negative footprints during its production process, meaning that it does not need any resources from Earth, only the Sun. In greenenergy® we work with suppliers such as Trina Solar and Fronius that take responsibility of the production processes of the solar panels, inverters, and other parts of a photovoltaic solar system. This makes a more clean, neutralized and balanced value chain.

Regardless of using photovoltaic solar energy or any other type of clean energy, in greenenergy® we will always work for that investment to become into a feeling of freedom for our clients.