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Solar energy for new industries and commerce

When a developer is building a new site for industries or commerce, they want it to be attractive for investors and consumers. Photovoltaic solar energy  takes an important role regarding the added value that can be given to the site. This technology makes it more efficient, with cheaper electricity and more friendly with the environment. In this blog we will explain some things that can be planned to install solar energy for new industries and commerce.

Electric consumption history in industries and commerce

electric history consumption

In Costa Rica the electric companies demand an electric consumption history. It must be of minimum 6 months in a definite electric meter with an establish contract. After those months, you can request the feasibility to connect the system to the grid. This is why the system can not be installed while the site is under construction. You must wait until the historic term finishes, while leaving everything planned ahead on site.




Solar energy planning for industries and commerce

planned solar energy

A photovoltaic solar system for industries or commerce will be naturally bigger than the one needed for a residence. This means that you must have 1) an electric room where the system’s connections will be made. In that room there must be a space for an electric board, the inverters, and connection points to the Internet. You can also install the inverters outdoors. 2) Take into consideration the planned internal pipes that go from the ceiling to the place where the inverters will be installed. To calculate how many pipes you need, you should start talking to a supplier such as greenenergy® that can guide you through the way.  3) There must also be a planned service downspout. 4) There must be a free space available at the meter panel, to install the new photovoltaic system meter.


Choose the ideal system for the site’s needs 

types of solar energy systems

Finally, after the planning and consumption history are taken into consideration, the system is designed tailored made. With technology advances, many industries and commerce have given the step towards on-grid systems.  Others have explored off-grid or hybrid systems to diversify their savings resources in their electric bill. However, the strongest trend for these types of sites with high electricity consumption are the micro-grids. These can work on or off-grid.  Micro-grids have several benefits for industries and commerce. For example, higher energy quality, energy resilience, operating safety and lower energy costs.




If you have any questions regarding photovoltaic solar energy in new industries or commerce, contact us! We will be happy to give you some advisory.

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