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Solar energy: a way of freedom and resilience – Written by: editorial staff

March 31st, 2020.


The word “freedom” means being able to think or take action under one’s own will, while being responsible for the consequences. For over more than ten years, one of greennergy’s® goals has been to help people feel more and more free.

How does solar energy relate to freedom? The sun alone shines over the Earth and gives energy to it each day, and human beings are free to receive it. It is the only energy source that comes from outside of our planet, it is an interplanetary energy. But beyond that, producing our own energy using this natural resource makes us feel free, independent. It is the fact of not depending on a system that can constantly fail us and from which we have “no other choice”. Many times we are even unaware of the source where the energy of other systems comes from. We don’t know if it has damaged nature or not since the only way of producing energy on Earth, without using the sun as the main source, is by using other resources found on the planet such as the air, fire, earth or water. How responsible was the process? It is very difficult to know.

Over time, many people and companies have identified the need of taking advantage of solar energy to lower the cost of electricity, and without realizing it, they take a step towards greater independence and autonomy.

Is it a good time to talk about freedom, when we are deprived of it in the middle of a global pandemic? Yes. It is time to appreciate what this word means not only as individuals, but as groups that make up a family, a company, an organization. We will never be more aware and grateful of freedom, than when we don’t have it. Feeling imprisoned, subdued, dependent on something, someone or a situation, can be very frustrating and it is until we live the consequences, that we long to be free.

The same goes for energy. It is enough to have voltage peaks, electricity faults, or increases in electricity rates, so that we all are wishing to have a decentralized energy model, a system that allows us to depend less and less. But all of these adverse situations such a pandemic or an unstable energy services, makes us resilient and it is at that moment when the way in which we live and work changes, giving us the opportunity of being freer.

Overcoming adversities makes us more resistant and allow us to stop and analyze what we need to change, how can we reinvent ourselves. Being resilient makes us give a constructive sense to the reality we are living and define how can we be the exception and not the rule.

From greenenergy® we will continue inspiring other people and companies to be more efficient, more conscious, using solar energy as a tool to feel more and more free while interacting in harmony with nature.