Committed to the environment and society, in 2019 we created the #SoyLuciernaga program to provide light through clean energy systems to organizations who work for childhood, in order to generate them savings so they can reinvest and improve their sites, as well as raise awareness about the environment, clean energies and lifestyles.

How does it work?

greenenergy® donates a photovoltaic system per year to an organization with a social impact (public school, NGO, etc). Once the site is chosen, an alliance is created to launch the system and give annual maintenance to the installed equipment to ensure its functioning.

Why “luciérnaga”?

In Spanish, “luciérnaga” means firefly. We want the beneficiaries to generate their own light, just like fireflies do. We give hope to the benefited organizations through photovoltaic solar systems donated by greenenergy® and our clients, or by any other person that wants to join the cause. We want children to walk under the light of consciousness and efficiency; under the light of solar energy.

How is the beneficiary chosen?

greenenergy® chooses the beneficiary according to the applications done through the form available in our website (announced through social media).

Photo: Available roof area at the Guachipelín de Escazú School, Soy Luciérnaga’s 2020 beneficiary.

Which are the requirements to apply?

  • It must be a site where more than 20 people are benefited daily, it can’t be a home or a site where only a small group of people is benefited.
  • It can not be a complete community (or neighborhood), since we do not install centralized solar systems, only decentralized or in one site (i.e. a school, communal building, a national park, an NGO, a non-profit, etc.)
  • The chosen site must have a poor electric service (that presents failures or that does not have access to the service at all), or that the beneficiary has difficulty or not enough resources to pay a monthly electricity bill.
  • The person that applies on behalf of the organization must be a member of the board or manager of the site.

First beneficiary! Guachipelín of Escazú School

The Guachipelín of Escazú School located in San José was the chosen organization, among other 17 who participated, to be the first beneficiary of greenenergy’s Soy Luciérnaga Program (2019-2020 term).

“We are very happy to have been chosen as the winner of the donation of a photovoltaic solar system. It will not only let us save money every month and have incomes for other expenses, but it well also let us to improve our carbon footprint as an institution and allow students to live the experience of have a clean energy at school” – Gustavo Oviedo, Head of Board, Escuela de Guachipelín.

  • Number of students: 604
  • Power to be installed: 4,48 kWp
  • Number of solar modules: 16
  • Number of inverters: 1
  • Energy coverage: 32%
  • Electric bill savings: 28% annually
  • CO2 savings: 370kg per year
  • Interconnection date: Nov 9th, 2020
  • Installation date: Sept, 2020