Our financing model specializes in structuring lease figures adapted to the needs of our clients to generate significant benefits.

What does this mean?
Our lease model (solar panel leasing) is structured according to the flow projection of each client, allowing the cost of the project to be diluted over time, setting a monthly fee. In addition to the savings generated by our photovoltaic systems over time in electricity billing due to the decrease in consumption, our customers significantly improve their financial indicators.


  • Our leasing model is unique, because it adjusts to the requirements of our customers.
  • The monthly payment for the equipment lease is 100% deductible from the income tax.
  • Grouping services such as maintenance, insurance and asset management.
  • Improves efficiency indicators in the use of your company’s assets and capital.
  • The investment is projected in a cash flow over time, allowing you to make decisions and focus resources on your company’s goals.
  • We have maintenance and guarantee support of greenenergy® which, thanks to its experience and technical knowledge, it assures us a high quality service for the correct functioning of the equipment throughout during the term of the agreement