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Electricity rates are increasing, what can you do? – Written by: editorial greenenergy®

If the energy consumption at your company or house is not very high (monthly bill of $100 or the equivalent to 60,000 colones, or less), you can apply different ways to save electricity and reduce even more the monthly bill, since rates are getting higher and higher.

Some actions you can take:

  1. Keep window drapes open to use natural sunlight
  2. Turn off the lights while they are not in use
  3. Disconnect appliances that are not being used
  4. Buy solar energy batteries to charge your mobile devices
  5. Use eco-friendly lightbulbs and electric devices
  6. Use sunlight to dry clothes
  7. Lower the heater temperature by at least 2 °C, you will still have hot water but the heater will need less energy
  8. If possible, update any obsolete devices that are consuming lots of energy (old fridges or freezers, microwaves, etc), and send them to recycle 😉

On the contrary, if there is a consumption of more than 600 kwh or your electric bill is of more than 60,000 colones at your home or company, then a photovoltaic solar system can be a recommended solution in order to reduce the monthly cost of the electricity. Photovoltaic systems are a very important tool since consumers can see in real time the consumption and generation of electricity. This allows them to become more conscious of the usage of the generated electricity.

It is no secret that the cost of living and operating a company in Costa Rica is very high and it is very difficult to have a preferred energy rate. Because of this and because of the amount of emissions that non-clean energies imply (especially those related to the burn of fossil fuels or the invasion of natural habitats to build hydroelectric plants, for example), solar energy is a feasible way to deal with the increase in the electricity rates.