Earth Day

Earth DayIn 2009 the United Nations declared April 22nd as Earth Day. It commemorates that the Earth is the home that all human beings share and how we should be conscious of the importance of living in harmony with it. As companies or as individuals, achieving a triple bottom line balance is a concrete way of how we can live in harmony with planet Earth. What is the goal? To satisfy present and future generations, without resource deplete.

Triple Bottom Line companies

Being a triple bottom line company allows not only to increase the numbers, but take smarter long term decisions. This ensures us sustainability with humanity, the environment but also “the numbers”. It means to worry not only of being the best company of the world, but of becoming the best company for the world.

Being part of a value chain of any industry implies negative and positive triple bottom line impacts. Globally, there are relatively few companies that operate under this strategy.

We’ve got news for you!

As part of the celebration of this day, we have news to share with you. We are currently completing an evaluation to confirm to third parties about our triple bottom line commitment. This is the B Impact Assessment, to certify ourselves as a B company in Costa Rica and the world. We do not know if we will achieve it “the first time”. However, what we do know is that our company is aligned with the philosophy of being a positive company, in every sense, for the world. This assessment allows us to reflect on areas for improvement and focus on small efforts that make a big difference.

We will keep you informed of the progress and very soon we hope to share good news with you before next Earth Day!

Written by: greenenergy® Costa Rica.