Batteries for energy storage

Batteries for energy storage

Written by: Fernando Ortuño, CEO at greenenergy®

Batteries for energy storage are a growing trend in the photovoltaic industry. There are several reasons why households, businesses and industries decide to invest in this equipment.

However, in this blog we are going to talk specifically about Franklin brand batteries. At greenenergy®️ we do daily research on the technology available in the market. We receive hundreds of requests a year from different manufacturers around the world to sell us their products. We spend hours researching which is the best option to offer to our customers.

Since 2022 we started researching FranklinWH batteries in order to increase the portfolio of storage options we already have. We were looking for a supplier that would allow us to offer homes and small businesses a reliable storage solution. In addition to excellent quality, safety, price, good design and easy installation. Franklin batteries convinced us because they offer all of that. It’s a product we feel comfortable with.

My experience with FranklinWH batteries

At the beginning of 2023 I moved to a new house and decided to install a FranklinWH battery. I live in a remote area and having energy security is essential. The area has an unstable grid with constant voltage spikes. I work from home so having electricity during the day is vital. When I learned about FranklinWH batteries, I decided that this is the technology I wanted to live with in this new space.

These batteries integrate with the solar panels and the electrical grid to provide safety, reliability and efficiency. Not only is their design simple and minimalist, but installation is fairly straightforward. The space it occupies is ideal for a home that wants to be efficient. The price for what it offers is one of the best we have seen on the market.

Why to install batteries for energy storage?

The world is a place that increasingly requires us to be self-sufficient in order to survive. Using the least amount of resources necessary to do so is extremely necessary. There are many reasons why we recommend taking the step towards energy storage. In the following blog we share 7 benefits of adding batteries to a photovoltaic system. But beyond these tangible benefits, in the end, our most important mission is to not only offer the best on the market, but to help our customers become more resilient and free through clean technology.

Contact us if you would like to learn more about FranklinWH batteries for energy storage. They can be added to existing PV systems as well as to completely new systems.