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Batteries for energy storage without solar panels

Baterias almacenamiento energia

Here are some frequently asked questions regarding the use of batteries for energy storage without solar panels:

Is it possible to install energy storage batteries without solar panels?

Yes, these devices can operate independently of solar modules.

How are the batteries charged?

They are charged through the electricity that the site already has thanks to the public grid.

Is it very expensive to charge batteries to store energy?

The cost depends on several factors:

  • The reason why the customer wants the battery (if it is to use it every day at times when the electricity rate is more expensive, or if it is to use it only when the power goes out, among others).
  • The size of the battery
  • The number of batteries to be installed
  • The electricity rate the site is on (commercial, residential, etc.)
  • The hours in which the battery is to be charged

What is the cost of solar battery storage?

There are batteries for small businesses and homes that vary a lot in price. However, at greenenergy® we use Tier 1 equipment, with the highest quality, starting at $20k. Industrial batteries are much more expensive and can usually be purchased with financing.

Is it ideal to have solar modules to charge the batteries?

Yes, because if the grid fails for several days, the batteries cannot be charged. On the other hand, if the photovoltaic modules or solar panels are generating electricity every while there is solar radiation, the battery would have guaranteed energy.

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