4 steps to install solar panels

If you want to install solar panels, its important to know the process and what each stage implies. In this blog we will show you the 4 steps to install solar panels and start your journey towards clean energy, along with greenenergy®.

Step 1: Advising and Design

steps to install solar panels

The first step is the advising made by our commercial team, which will make you several questions regarding the site where you want to install a photovoltaic system.

Questions such as the sites location, monthly energy consumption, goals, among others. At this stage we calculate the system’s energy generation performance, the expected savings, and the return of investment. We also review the available resources, local limitations, grid’s availability, among other factors.

Step 2: Financing and Development

steps to install solar panels

At this stage we define along with the client if the project will be paid with own funds or using a finance model. Once this step is defined and approved, we start with the development of the project. This is the time when the contract is signed.

We also guarantee the project and the equipment to be installed. When the equipment is ready, the due diligence is done with the public grid, in case it is needed.


Step 3: Solar panel and other equipment installation

steps to install solar panels

greenenergy®’s Engineering Team leads this stage. Our staff is certified in First Aid and Working at Heights, for the safety of the team and peace of mind of our clients. We also have an Internal Health and Safety Protocol, which has to be respected during the installation process.

Because we are an active member of the Cámara de Generación Distribuida, we comply with the Best Practices Code, that allow us to install the best quality projects in the market. Last, but not least, we comply with the National Electric Code in all of our projects. This allows our installations to be the most safe for our clients, the site and the equipment installed.

Step 4: Operating and Maintenance

steps to install solar panels

When the system is up and running, it is monitored 24/7  through a digital platform. This allows the client to see the performance of its system. During this stage, the system must receive maintenance every 12-18 months.

At this stage any warranty can be applied in case its necessary. Also the energy generation warranty promised by greenenergy® is applied. Finally, we comply with the Return of Investment, to accomplish our customer’s satisfaction.


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